interior design - niftyinterio

Designing Presentation & Finalization
The diverse themes and schemes that can transform the site as per the needs, wants and desires of the clients, documented and derived from the minutes of the preliminary meetings with them. The finalized concept is translated into graphics for visualization by designers, clients and subsequently appointed contractors responsible for implementation. The Next step would be creating exact measurements for Implementation.

Material Selection.
Interior Industry have presented the users with a wide Arrange of options under diverse budgetary benchmarks. NIfty has an extensive databank of materials and their suppliers complete with specifications which is constantly updated. In close coordination with clients and vendors, material requirements are tabulated in terms of quantity, texture, colour, technical specifications, suppliers, price and delivery lead times.

Quotation & Budgeting
Cost of the work will be prepared with Details. To match the client requirements. If the costs over run then immediately special program will be used to negotiate the other costs. Material requirements will be used based on the budget.

Project Management.

Good Design needs Good Supervision at project. So will ensure right person on the right place to ensure work done as per the plan and procedures of Nifty Interio. Will Ensure Quality product delivers as per commitment.


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